Beach 5S Rugby Australia 2019

Enjoy an extract shown on Fox Sports Australia from the documentary filmed during 2019‘s Beach Rugby Australia in Kirra Beach.

Superstars Lote Tuqiri – Australian Dual International and Christian Cullen – NZ All Blacks Legend, attended the tournament with their teams.

Beach Rugby History 5 – Kasper Bleijenberg

In this Beach Rugby History‘s episode we chat with Kasper Bleijenberg, EBRA’s Vice President and organizer of North Sea Beach Rugby‘s tournament in The Hague.

3rd Lignano Beach Rugby Tournament – 1995

In 1995 Lignano‘s beach rugby become an invitational tournament, and for the first time is played on two days: 16 teams from Italy, Slovenia and Ireland are divided into 4 pools, with qualifying matches on saturday and knockout stages on sunday.

San Donà, Belluno, Rovigo and Ljubljana win their pools: the first two are able to reach the final, and San Donà – featuring Italy’s international Andrea “Ciro” Sgorlon – wins the tournament for the first time.

Beach Rugby History 4 – Lionel Laugier

Second part of the interview with Lionel Laugier, EBRA’s president. Today we unveil the origin of Marseille’s beach rugby tournament and some of Lionel’s favourite moments during the lifetime of European Beach Rugby Association – EBRA.

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2nd Lignano Beach Rugby Tournament – 1994

July 1994: for the second time, on Camping Pino Mare’s beach in Lignano Riviera, 15 teams from Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Ireland compete to win the Bridge Park Beach Rugby Trophy.

The tournament is filmed by local television Telefriuli; honored guests are arch. Forster, Councillor for Sports in the Municipality of Lignano, Ariano Venturini, President of Italian North East Rugby’s Committee and Sergio Dordolo, representative of Italian Federation in Udine’s Province.

For the first time in Italy also two female teams play a beach rugby match: the result is a draw between Alpago and Rovigo.

In the men’s tournament, the final is Feltre against Mogliano, with the latter winning their second staight trophy.


Beach Rugby History 3 – Lionel Laugier

Beach Rugby History today introduces you Lionel Laugier, EBRA’s President. With him we learn something more about the origin of European Beach Rugby Association – EBRA and its relationships with rugby’s national and international organizations.
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Beach Rugby History 2 – Giancarlo Stocco

Beach Rugby History – episode 2.

In the second part of Giancarlo Stocco‘s interview we’re going to explore more in depth the evolution of EBRA (European Beach Rugby Association) during the years and some possible developement for the future.

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1st Lignano Beach Rugby Tournament – 1993

The day when it all started: the first Beach Rugby Tournament in Lignano (Udine – Italy) – June 1993

1st Bridge Park Rugby & Beach Trophy, featuring three Rugby Udine‘s teams, Copernico’s high school team and Lignano Lifeguards’ team.

Camping Pino Mare’s beach, Lignano Riviera

Beach Rugby History 1 – Giancarlo Stocco

The EBRA’s multimedial project Beach Rugby History starts today with Giancarlo Stocco – EBRA’s General Secretary and founder of Lignano‘s tournament.

Join us in this series of interviews to discover the past, the present and the future of European beach rugby.


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