Beach Rugby

Beach Rugby is a rugby game, part of Rugby Union since 2010, played on the sand by 5 players against 5 (so they also call it Beach Fives), using a straight-forward and simple format, drawn up to create a fast and exciting display.

A match lasts 10 minutes, and the most significant difference between Beach 5S and the traditional game of Rugby is the 2 Second Rule: “when the ball carrier goes into contact with an opponent or is tackled by an opponent, the ball carrier must pass or release the ball within 2 SECONDS”.

This is why Beach Rugby is so fast, skillful, fluid, fun to watch.

Here at Beachrugbychannel we want to promote Beach Rugby by bringing toghether all the best videos from Beach Rugby’s tournaments all over the world.

So if you are a tournament’s organizer and you’d like to see your videos in our website please go to the contact page and fill in the form; otherwise just choose a tournament and start enjoying the show!

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