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Beach Rugby History 4 – Lionel Laugier

Second part of the interview with Lionel Laugier, EBRA’s president. Today we unveil the origin of Marseille’s beach rugby tournament and some of Lionel’s favourite moments during the lifetime of European Beach Rugby Association – EBRA.

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Beach Rugby History 3 – Lionel Laugier

Beach Rugby History today introduces you Lionel Laugier, EBRA’s President. With him we learn something more about the origin of European Beach Rugby Association – EBRA and its relationships with rugby’s national and international organizations.
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Marseille Beach Rugby 5S 2016: finales

Stage of the European Championship for Clubs Beach Rugby Live from Marseille – Plages de Bonneveine

Marseille Beach Rugby 5S 2014 aftermovie

The tournament for the second consecutive title of the 2014 European Champions of Beach Rugby Five selection OVAL BEACH MARSEILLE

Marseille Beach Rugby 5S 2013 aftermovie

The beach rugby tournament at the Prado beach in Marseille – 1st stage EBRA Series.

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