Beach Rugby History

Beach Rugby History: 9 interviews to learn about EBRA, from its origins to the latest tournaments added to EBRA Series.

Beach Rugby History 9 – Ákos Péczely

Balaton Lake Beach Rugby is ready to be part of EBRA Series starting on summer 2021. Let’s learn more about this tournament speaking with his founder, Ákos Péczely.

Beach Rugby History 8 – Sandro Zivelli

Alba Adriatica is one of the latest venues added to the EBRA Series, the european beach rugby circuit led by European Beach Rugby Association.

Let’s get to know it better with Sandro Zivelli, member of Asd Beach Sport, former organizer of 10 Italian Beach Rugby Championship’s Finals.

Beach Rugby History 7 – Nuno Gramaxo

Porto Beach Rugby is among the oldest tournaments in Europe: let’s find out more about its history with one of the fathers of this event, Nuno Gramaxo

Beach Rugby History 6 – Mario Copetti

In this episode we meet Mario Copetti to find out more about Barcelona’s beach rugby tournament, the developement of this sport in Spain and his thoughts about European Beach Rugby Association.

Beach Rugby History 5 – Kasper Bleijenberg

In this Beach Rugby History‘s episode we chat with Kasper Bleijenberg, EBRA’s Vice President and organizer of North Sea Beach Rugby‘s tournament in The Hague.

Beach Rugby History 4 – Lionel Laugier

Second part of the interview with Lionel Laugier, EBRA’s president. Today we unveil the origin of Marseille’s beach rugby tournament and some of Lionel’s favourite moments during the lifetime of European Beach Rugby Association – EBRA.

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Beach Rugby History 3 – Lionel Laugier

Beach Rugby History today introduces you Lionel Laugier, EBRA’s President. With him we learn something more about the origin of European Beach Rugby Association – EBRA and its relationships with rugby’s national and international organizations.
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Beach Rugby History 2 – Giancarlo Stocco

Beach Rugby History – episode 2.

In the second part of Giancarlo Stocco‘s interview we’re going to explore more in depth the evolution of EBRA (European Beach Rugby Association) during the years and some possible developement for the future.

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Beach Rugby History 1 – Giancarlo Stocco

The EBRA’s multimedial project Beach Rugby History starts today with Giancarlo Stocco – EBRA’s General Secretary and founder of Lignano‘s tournament.

Join us in this series of interviews to discover the past, the present and the future of European beach rugby.


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